A nice surprise feature in Confectionery Production Magazine this month!

“For it’s part another British company reporting success with its industrial systems, including industrial cooking machinery, is BCH in Whitworth, Lancashire.

As we have previously featured, one of the firms key developments has been the creation of an 11,000m² Innovation Centre as it’s headquarters.

The company explains it is continuing to make a considerable investment in its equipment, including a recent purchase of a laser cutting system that the company says is already making a key difference in operation.

According to its operations director Stuart Grogan, the business was among earliest to adopt such innovation facilities, which he says are invaluable in providing final testing of equipment. Among one of the company’s key highlights has been the development of the dedicated 100% fruit cooking and extrusion system. This targets manufacturers of healthier snack ranges, which has become a particularly significant segment of the market of consumers seeking a greater array of snack-based confectionery.”