Clean In Place

With hygiene being a high priority within food factories, BCH manufactures a simple total loss rinse system or a fully automated multi-channel recovery system.

BCH CIP System has been supplied to the ready meals industry with a typical washing process, consisting of several rinsing cycles where the cleaning material is circulated through the pipework, valves, pumps, cooking equipment, holding vessel. Typically, these systems are custom designed and manufactured as a fully assembled and pre-wired modular skid package.

• Stainless steel construction throughout
• Sanitary design principles
• Up to 6,000-litre capacity feed and recovery tanks
• Fully automated sequencing of the cleaning process along with complete integration with the core food process
• On-board HMI controls with stand-alone PLC connected to the main process plant via Ethernet
• Selectable and configurable cleaning recipes via the HMI – different cleaning sequences for different parts of the plant
• Automatic detergent dosing, with full monitoring of outgoing and incoming detergent strength (pH conductivity probes)
• Multi-channel options, each with variable speed delivery pump control
• Automatic monitoring of water flowrate and temperature on the flow return feed of each individual channel provided
• On-board steam heated heat exchanger systems complete with modulated steam control
• Optional waste product recovery tank[/vc_wp_text]