Colour & Flavour Addition

BCH provide colour & flavour dosing stations which can supply up to four independent colours and flavours to the line.

Colour mixing is achieved through high-pressure static mixers fitted on the inlet side of the flow divider.

4 Colour 4 Flavour Extruders

The process begins with a neutral cooked product being fed into a high pressure, low shear extruder.
The product is split into 4 channels, each of which can be individually coloured and flavoured.
Up to 40 ropes can be extruded onto the BCH cooling/drying tunnel each of which contains the 4 colours in equal metered proportions.
Suitable for any viscous product :
 Sugar Paste
• Chocolate
• Nougat
• Chew
The flow control of each colour channel to each rope is automatic and no manual regulation of the machine is required leading to quick start-up and guaranteed rope weight control.
Rope can be extruded in a huge variety of shapes and designs including twisted, straight, flat strap, squares and stars. They can also have hollow or filled centres.
• Labour saving with quick start-up
• Unique CIP Systems reducing energy costs
• Flexible and fast colour change