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 BCH cooling tunnel or process conveyor can be incorporated into a full process line using a fast and simple installation.

Originally designed for the specialist high temperature and rapid cooling requirements of extruded liquorice confections, BCH has launched a modular range of conveyors and tunnels for the efficient transport, cooling and conditioning of food products.

The conveyor widths are available from 300-2000mm in modular stainless steel sections and apply a hygienic design for easy access and cleaning

Multi-Tier Cooling and/or Drying Tunnel

The cooling/drying tunnel has been designed with efficiency and hygiene in mind. It is fabricated throughout in stainless steel with an open grid plastic modular belt. The tunnel is fitted with stainless steel, (optionally insulated), easily removed covers giving access to product areas and ductwork.
The 3 tier construction has at its core a structure of stainless steel pipework which not only acts as the frame for the tunnel but also the ductwork delivering air through laser cut slots at 20m/sec onto the product. The slots extend the full width of the belt and are positioned every 400mm down the conveyor length on each of the one or more tiers.

The Pipework made in dairy pipe with tri-clover fittings for easy disassembly for cleaning if required.
Each tier is fitted with an open structure plastic modular belt running on plastic chevron strips. Each tier is individually speed controlled for process control. Any product dust/debris is allowed to fall through the open structure and collect on the open, flat stainless steel floor where it can be easily removed.
Hot and moist air rises and the tunnel is designed to use natural convection currents to achieve maximum cooling and drying efficiency. The cooled and/or dried air enters at the base of the tunnel, and is blown up through the product and removed for re-conditioning from the top of the tunnel.
• Reduces floor space
• Easy access to product and to clean
• Achieves maximum cooling and drying efficiency