Colour & Flavour Addition

BCH’s Sugar Paste system comprises of a sugar mucilage cooker and a Z-arm duplex trough mixer.

The resultant sugar paste is fed to a side flow extruder to produce the combination extrusion of sugar and liquorice paste.

The mucilage cooker is a steam jacketed vessel with an anchor type stirrer which can be complemented by a high shear mixer. The combination of these two mixers together with the steam heating, results in a fully homogenous syrup mix.
The vessel is load cell mounted with microprocessor and recipe controls. The syrup is transferred to the Z-arm duplex trough mixer by a positive displacement pump and jacketed pipework. Icing sugar is fed into the mixer, and together with the sugar syrup the resultant mix produces a sugar paste. The Z-arm duplex trough mixer is robustly designed to give a thorough mixing action, prior to tipping into empty mobile bins.

The mobile bins are transferred to the extruder and mechanically tipped into the feed hopper of the sugar paste extruder.
The liquorice and sugar paste extruders would require the addition of a specially designed die head to produce a dual extrusion of liquorice and sugar paste in a number of combinations.

Z Blade Mixer

BCH manufacture a range of stainless steel Z arm mixers from 75kg to 500kg capacity. The mixers are equipped with direct driven inverter speed controlled rotors.
• Sugar Paste
• Gums
• Spreads
• Chemical Process

• Vacuum or positive pressure process
• Water or steam jackets
• Insulation
• Load Cell Operation
• Screw discharge
• Stainless steel or mild steel painted construction