Vacuum Cooker

Batch Vacuum Cooker

A versatile vacuum cooker suitable for a wide variety of applications

The BCH vacuum cooker is suitable for a wide variety of high quality confectionery products such as soft
toffee, caramels, syrups, fondant & icing sauces and generally all low boiled sugar based products.

Using vacuum it can be used for the above products plus high boiled sweets, jam, compotes, various fruit
fillings, concentrates and fruit leather.


  • Standard Machine Features:
    Stainless steel construction throughout.
    10 Bar steam jacket.  Scraped surface agitator.
    Hinged manway with safety interlock and inspection port.
    Large bore 75mm diameter manual outlet valve.
    Temperature probe with automatic steam control.
    Liquid ring vacuum pump with plate type condenser.
    Vacuum gauge. Mounting frame.

Optional features include:

– Jacket Cooling

– Variable speed contra-rotating scraped surface agitator

– Load cell weight control

– Automatic water metering

– Insulated steam jacket

– Automatic ingredient loading (glucose, syrups etc)

– Option for machine mounted control panel

– Automatic product valve

– Product transfer pump

The cooker is available in the following standard batch sizes:

– 100 Litres

– 150 Litres

– 250 Litres

– 400 Litres

Available as a stand alone cooker or alternatively as part of a fully automated system with batch weighing control & recipe management.