Fruit Processing

The BCH 100% fruit cooking, fruit processing and extrusion system is a combination of BCH’s large surface area MaxiVap Evaporator technology.

Our MaxiVap Evaporator technology is used for long-running caramel plants combined with BCH’s liquorice extrusion technology.

The fruit cooking and extrusion system has enabled BCH to achieve evaporation of high moisture fruit mixes to typically 85% solids, at which point they have a consistency of a soft dough which can be extruded using BCH extrusion technology. This then enables the production of a healthy snack bar using 100% organic fruit ingredients which can be co-extruded in a variety of colours, shapes and different flavours.

BCH also manufacture a range of extruders for the confectionery industry, including side flow, twin screw or batch fed. The extruders are primarily designed to handle hot, dough textures and have been used to extrude caramel, cheese, fudge, fruit paste and liquorice.