FPE to represent BCH in Australia & New Zealand!

Greg spent several days training with us on the many solutions we offer to our clients in the food processing industries worldwide.

The sessions included-

•Atmospheric, pressure and vacuum cooking options along with mixing configurations designed to complement the end users requirements.

•Vacuum, jacket and pouch cooling solutions offering high flexibility in equipment selection which is ideal for process matching.
During the course of the visit we produced a range of products in our innovation centre test facility such as:

•Rich Italian sauces using a combination atmospheric cooking, jet cook steam infusion and vacuum cooling which is used extensively in the production of ready meals. This process retains flavour and produces the most tender products which can only be attained through the use of pressure cooking whilst at the same time capitalises on reduced processing times. Perfect for the production of savoury fillings.

• Hummus production using pressure cooking of dried chick peas (no need for pre-soaking) , vacuum cooling and our Optima Universal Processing machine- the most time, energy and utility efficient Hummus solution on the market..

• Absorption cooking and vacuum cooling of rice – a fast and consistent solution widely used in the ethnic ready meal sector.

•Vacuum cooking for the rapid production of soft and hard caramels and toffee.

At the end of the visit Greg commented “I am super impressed at BCH’s knowledge of pressure cooking and vacuum cooling. Always innovating, FPE is very excited about representing BCH in the Australian and New Zealand markets”

All of us here at BCH are looking forward to strong and successful partnership going forward and we are already processing enquires as a result of the visit!