To celebrate International Hummus Day we thought we would share with you the process of how this is made using BCH process expertise and efficient and environmentally friendly technology. Offering part or the entire process for Hummus production.


How it works:

BCH can offer manufacturers a total process solution using a combination of the BCH Pressure Cooking & Vacuum Cooling process, in conjunction with the BCH Optima – All In One Processing System

Once the chickpeas are cooked, cooled and drained the Optima blends them with a combination of oil, tahini, garlic, salt lemon juice and water to the users exact requirements.

Benefits of  BCH turnkey Hummus System:

  • there is no need to use the traditional pre-soaked chickpea method saving time, space and water.
  • pressure cooking process is up to 70% faster than the traditional atmospheric boiling method.
  • the cooling process is the most energy efficient method on the market.
  • Rapid cooling down to 5°C increases food safety and work in progress capabilities.

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