The team at BCH recently completed a pre-delivery factory acceptance test of a complete liquorice line which is destined for a Scandinavian client.

Whilst working under more challenging circumstances due to the current situation, we were able to demonstrate the liquorice lines capability of manufacturing high quality batch cooked products.

The objective on this project was to maintain the distinct texture that a traditional batch cooked product offers, and also to preserve the requirement to use wheat fibre in some of the recipes.   We were able to achieve this whilst also implementing the latest technology in our range of confectionery processing equipment.

The results were excellent with even product weight distributions, soft texture and that all important traditional liquorice taste!

The line comprises the following BCH equipment:

  • Fully automatic batch liquorice production kitchen
  • Sugar paste production facility
  • Single and co-extrusion configurations with multiple die options to produce a wide range of shapes
  • Conditioning, glazing and cooling system
  • High speed guillotine

The line will now be prepared for delivery, installation and commissioning.