It has often been said that curry is the new national dish of Britain and it’s certainly easy to see why –

Food producers can keep up with this high demand of ethnic ready meals by using the BCH cook and vacuum cooling solution with the FlexiCHEF recipe management system to create the complete high-performance system.

Our technology guarantees foods are cooked and cooled rapidly with repeatability, whilst benefiting from a smaller footprint and all with reduced labour and energy costs! This system can cook a huge range of ethnic meals, even including absorption rice!

Another method for ethnic meals are BCH’s Bratt Pans, which can be utilised for a wide range of cooking functions including shallow or stir frying, braising, boiling, steaming, poaching or stewing. This versatile pan is also used extensively in the ethnic ready meals industry for cooking basmati and pilau rice using the total absorption cooking methods, and also for the production of curry sauces.

This processing method is most popular for Food Producers who want to ‘Develop the Flavour’ – the Bratt Pan allows rapid sealing or searing of meat and vegetables.

What is your favourite dish?