The team are gearing up ready for the long awaited ISM & Prosweets 2022! This year we are going even bigger, showcasing our:

  • Maxivap Evaporator – The latest generation of continuous evaporation system for the most economic production of 100% Fruit Products, as well as the production of soft caramels.
  • Viscotator – Internationally recognised, high performance continuous cooking or cooling system for the production of a wide range of food and confectionery products using a scraped surface heat exchanger principle.
  • Flexible Candy Kitchen – Pilot/Small Scale Kitchen allowing the user to manufacture a wide range of Hard Candy, Gummies or Jellies with ease and suitably diverse to prepare masses for starchless depositing systems for confectionery, healthcare and functional/supplement based products.
  • Guillotine – Latest generation high speed cutting system, specially designed to cut both soft and sticky products without adhering to the blade.
  • 6 Colour & Flavour Extrusion Head – All new compact 6 colour dosing and mixing system incorporated into the latest generation of flow divider. This system delivers low pressure high quality product with unrivalled lane weight control and is capable of handling a wide range of viscous masses such as starch gels, traditional liquorice, 100 % fruit and pet food. The only system capable of being fully cleaned in place.

Book a meeting with BCH today at the world’s biggest Confectionery Exhibition, and see our latest state-of-the-art confectionery processing equipment close-up!

Find us at Hall 10.1 and Stand G060