Vacuum Cooker

Vacuum Cooker

Batch Vacuum Cooker A versatile vacuum cooker suitable for a wide variety of applications

BCH Orbiter Cooking Kettle

Orbiter Kettle

BCH’s Orbiter range was designed for start-up food producers, as well as industrial manufacturers who require a kettle for smaller batch sizes.


Opti-Cut Versatile Cutting Technology The Opti-Cut function has been designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. Applications will be matched to either a double or triple knife configuration,...

Coating Pans

BCH manufacture traditional style pans for the coating of hard candy with either chocolate or sugar, of the candies requiring a high acidity coating. 

Process Automation

Process Automation Calling on our vast experience in the confectionery industry, our electrical and software engineers will develop a control system using the most up-to-date technology available.

Slab Formers

Slab Formers: • High-Efficiency water cooling channels • Jacketed feed hopper • Adjustable gap control

Drop Rollers

Drop Rollers

BCH produces a comprehensive range of drop rolling machines for all hard candy, toffee and gum manufacturers. They have been sold around the world since they were first manufactured...

Confectionery Guillotines

BCH offer Standard, Automatic, High Speed and Ultrasonic Cut Guillotines to maximise the flexibility of any production line.


Cooling Tunnels & Conveyors

A BCH cooling tunnel or process conveyor can be incorporated into a full process line using a fast and simple installation.

4 Colour 4 Flavour Extruders

4 Colour 4 Flavour Extruders The process begins with a neutral cooked product being fed into a high pressure, low shear extruder.