Cook & Vacuum Cool Systems

Steam Jacketed Cooking Systems

Cook & Vacuum Cool

Pressure and Vacuum cooking options can allow for faster processing times of certain product types.

When combining one of our Cooking Kettles together with a Vacuum Cooling Vessel into one complete high-performance system, you can guarantee foods are cooked and cooled rapidly with repeatability whilst benefitting from a smaller footprint with reduced labour and energy costs.

The addition of vacuum cooling ensures the fastest and most effective means of heat removal from a batch process.



Our range of kettles have been designed to meet the stringent quality assurance and hygiene requirements of the food manufacturing industry. They cover a wide variety of cooking, mixing and blending applications across a whole range of products for the food, confectionery and pharmaceutical industries.

An impressive basic build specification is complemented by an extensive choice of optional features, adding yet further processing versatility.

– Fabricated throughout in stainless steel
– Steam jacket pressures of up to 7 bar G
– Working capacities range between 10 and 3000 litres
– Custom sizes available
– Engineered in line with the latest safety standards
– Atmospheric, Pressure & Vacuum versions available

Vacuum Cooling

Vacuum cooling or ‘evaporative’ is achieved through the evaporation of a part of product moisture under vacuum conditions. By the utilisation of vacuum, we are able to reduce the boiling point of a product – driving off the latent heat by boiling off vapour. This, in turn, causes the product to fall in temperature.

By continually reducing the pressure, we can continue to reduce the temperature of the product. This is achieved rapidly and therefore very fast cooling rates can be assured.

Although cooling rates can vary between different products types, our systems maintain a high level of consistency, quality and repeatability.


  • – Process matched with the cooking kettle
  • – Cooling times are generally within 45 mins to cool from 95°C to 5°C
  • – Lower temperatures can be achieved.

Specialist Application

We are able to provide machines that can handle viscous and dry products by combining the cool and cool process in the same vessel.

Discharge is effected by way of the kettle tiling into storage solutions for downstream processing.