Liquorice & Starch Gel Process Systems

BCH produced their first liquorice press in 1835 and have been manufacturing equipment for liquorice and starch gel applications ever since.
In 1968 a breakthrough in the design of equipment for the production of liquorice products resulted in the BCH final moisture liquorice system. This original design was for batch processing which was later developed into a continuous production system, thus reducing labour and handling requirements.
Further expansion to the range incorporated co-extrusion technology which allows the combination of liquorice and sugar paste products. By modifying the recipe and process further it is possible to incorporate fruit juices or purees to allow for the production of a more natural product.

Today’s production lines incorporate the latest developments in electronics control and modern design.
Flexible confectionery liquorice is manufactured from wheat flour, starch, sugar, molasses, glucose syrups, fruit purees and flavourings that are blended together to make a slurry. The resultant slurry is cooked, thus allowing the starch particles to expand and turn into a paste. The liquorice can then be extruded into various shapes through a wide range of die profiles.
BCH continue to provide systems for the production of liquorice, using either a batch or continuous process in line with consumer demand.
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