mixing systems

Mixing Systems

BCH can offer an extensive range of mixing systems combined with heating or cooling packages where required:

Vertical Mixing

BCH has developed a large range of high-performance single acting, inclined style or contra-rotating mixing heads. These are available with lift-out options.

Horizontal Mixing

The horizontal mixing agitator is ideally suited to products with large particulates that require intensive blending, without causing damage.

High Intensity

BCH’s high-intensity mixers carry out a range of applications from simple powder dissolving and dispersion to fine particle reduction. These come in the form of propeller type blenders, high shear mixing heads, cutting blade configurations or multi-stage homogenisation.

Universal Mixing

The Universal Mixer has been designed to incorporate a high speed shear action blade in the base of the vessel, complemented by a slow speed scraper arm. This ensures the maximisation of heat transfer and thorough mixing and blending of the product.
Suitable for the dairy, food and confectionery industries.