process systems

Opti-Cut Versatile Cutting Technology

The Opti-Cut function has been designed to accommodate a wide range of applications.

Applications will be matched to either a double or triple knife configuration, with smooth or serrated blade options.

Opti-Cut combines seamlessly with the FlexiCHEF recipe system, allowing variable speed cutting functions (up to 4500rpm), during a single or complex multi-stage process.

A Versatile Machine for Future Food Trends

The BCH Optima is a batch process machine which can be relied upon to perform an extensive range of process steps – all brought together in a single machine.

A Range of Process Possibilities – at the touch of a screen

Ideal for the manufacture of a countless variety of food & products including confectionery, convenience foods and spreads – the list of current and future possibilities is as endless & diverse as our customers’ imagination!

Food Solutions

Your time is our priority. The rapid processing ability of Optima greatly enhances the production of fresh and wholesome foods, helping to preserve the colour and flavour of the original ingredients. This enables the manufacturer to add their own touch of originality and excellence to their final product.


  • -Jacket Heating
  • -Jacket Cooling
  • -Pressure Cooking
  • -Pressure discharge
  • -Vacuum Cooking
  • -Vacuum Frying
  • -Vacuum Chill (<5°C)
  • -Vacuum loading
  • -Steam Infusion
  • -Concentrating
  • -Cutting
  • -Emulsifying
  • -Blending
  • -Dispersion
  • -Dissolving
  • -Evaporation
  • -Powder wetting
  • -Pasteurisation
  • -Auto dosing
  • -Water metering
  • -Bowl tipping
  • -Liquid drain valve
  • -Pump discharge
  • -Recipe Management