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Pouch Cooling

Pouch Cooling

The BCH RotaChill pouch cooling system is a high efficiency, rotary tumble chilling unit designed for use with freshly cooked products which have been deposited into pre-packed pouches or bags.

It is ideal for products requiring an extended shelf life within the manufacturing process – sauces, soups, casseroles, fillings, desserts, ethnic meals and toppings.
This machine is available as a turnkey package in either 500, 750 or 1000 kilo configurations.


• Incorporates a bag filling and clipping system
• Ease of operation
• Hygienic design
• Factory tested
• Robust stainless steel construction
• Remote water chiller system and controls included
• Self-contained pre-wired controls
• Pre-piped internal cooking system
• Automatic coolant recovery storage
• Energy efficient with cost saving benefits
• 300L trial unit available in BCH Innovation Centre

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