BCH Flow dividers despatched to confectionery manufacturer in North America

We have recently completed our pre-despatch testing protocols and despatched one of the latest generation of BCH Flow Dividers to one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in North America.

The unit will be integrated into an existing line where 30 lanes of product will be delivered continuously for production runs lasting several days.

As part of our preventative maintenance considerations, the machine is fitted with an on-board automatic lubrication system which will keep the 60 gears running smoothly with minimal interaction from engineering. The system is linked to the BCH Extrusion Control system and will feed back to operations when the lubrication supply is running low. In the absence of no corrective action taking place, the line will commence a phased shut down in order to protect the equipment.

A waste collection system is provided which forms part of the BCH automatic clean in place equipment to provide fast change over times without the need to dismantle the plant.

The BCH Flow dividers are capable of handling a wide range of viscous masses such as starch gels, traditional liquorice, 100 % fruit and pet food.

We are delighted to be working together on this project with our client as our trading relationship continues to grow stronger for the future.

For more information, contact info@bchltd.com


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Vacuum & Pressure Process Vessels ready for dispatch

The first of 2 x 2000 Litre Vacuum & Pressure Process Vessels ready for dispatch after a pre-delivery inspection. Destined for a major European pet food manufacturer. BCH are able to provide vacuum and pressure process vessels from 20L to 5000L with many options for mixing and process enhancement solutions. These are supplied as a standalone machine or part of a turnkey supply package into the food, confectionery and pet-food industries, as well as providing solutions to many other process engineering applications.


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