Providing the ultimate efficiency solutions for food production

BCH feature in the latest edition of Food Manufacturing Africa – a highlight on how we provide the ultimate efficiency solutions in food production.

Here’s just a snippet of the full article:

As the global effort to constantly produce food in more efficient and safer methods continues at pace, BCH rises
to meet these challenges by constantly improving their equipment capabilities. BCH has multiple systems installed across the African continent delivering these benefits.

The BCH range of cooking processes allow the user to cook products in atmospheric, vacuum or pressure conditions, all of which can be combined into one system to gain maximum flexibility, if required. The BCH FlexiChef recipe management system can deliver cooking sequences where the heating jacket can automatically switch between surface temperatures on each individual stage, which not only saves energy, but it also allows the user to process more complex recipes in the fastest times. BCH’s clients rely heavily on traceability and that’s where their reporting system assists with recording all times, weights and temperatures by stage as well as showing trends throughout the process. 

Read the full article on page 14 here: 

Food Manufacturing Africa Q3 2021 by New Media B2B – Issuu

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Innovation Centre News

Innovation Centre News

Another new investment for BCH was the installation of a larger Steam Boiler for the Innovation Centre, this provides us with the ability to test larger steam jacketed kettles with steam as well as carry out more trial work on high pressure/temperature applications such as our Bratt pans without the limitation the smaller boiler gave us.

The new boiler can generate 1000kgs/hr of steam, effectively a doubling of the original output.

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HEFMA Aerobic Digester

Successful Launch of Aerobic Digester

We have just returned from a busy few days at the HEFMA 2019 Leadership Forum where we were assisting Aerobic Technologies in promoting the BCH designed and manufactured Aerobic Digester to a wide range of estate and facility professionals from the NHS.

The digester is capable of processing a wide range of foodstuffs including, fruit, vegetables and proteins by breaking down the food waste over a 24 hour period using only oxygen, heat, water and enzymes which are discharged down a normal main drainage system.

We specifically designed the range of 50 – 300kg capacity units to fit through a standard doorway for ease of installation into buildings such as restaurants, hotels, hospital and places of worship to name a few.

Following his return from the conference our representative George Smith stated that the exhibition held within the Forum was very successful and drew a wide range of enquiries across a number of the sectors who could identify investment in digestion technology.

We are looking forward to a successful launch of this exciting new Aerobic Digester machine.

Aerobic Digester

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