We have just returned from a busy few days at the HEFMA 2019 Leadership Forum where we were assisting Aerobic Technologies in promoting the BCH designed and manufactured Aerobic Digester to a wide range of estate and facility professionals from the NHS.

The digester is capable of processing a wide range of foodstuffs including, fruit, vegetables and proteins by breaking down the food waste over a 24 hour period using only oxygen, heat, water and enzymes which are discharged down a normal main drainage system.

We specifically designed the range of 50 – 300kg capacity units to fit through a standard doorway for ease of installation into buildings such as restaurants, hotels, hospital and places of worship to name a few.

Following his return from the conference our representative George Smith stated that the exhibition held within the Forum was very successful and drew a wide range of enquiries across a number of the sectors who could identify investment in digestion technology.

We are looking forward to a successful launch of this exciting new Aerobic Digester machine.

Aerobic Digester