We had a great time at the PPMA Show last night. Our owner David Norris was very grateful to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to the food processing industry over the past 45 years.

Here’s what helped him achieve this accolade:

David’s unique passion for the industry and for quality manufacturing has taken DC Norris & Company from humble beginnings to the global enterprise it is today. He is continually striving to take both companies to new levels and has an incredible gift for design and engineering. Because of this drive, the company has achieved many accolades and won numerous large contracts with leading food producers all around the world.

Another success story this year is David’s acquisition of – BCH Ltd.
David was keen to secure our future and didn’t want a company with such a long history and great reputation within the food industry to shut down. He has since seen us flourish again and has invested heavily in infrastructure. This gives food manufacturers more choice of equipment and access to different technologies and knowledge. He has secured the jobs of many people who were looking at unemployment.

He also recently opened a US office, DCN North America which is now also promoting the BCH product range giving us optimum access to this market. We now have representation from agents in every corner of the globe. David’s first overseas Product Development Kitchen was launched this year in South Africa, with many more planned for the near future including BCH technology.

David is keen to give back to the industry, training food technology students at CPUT University in Cape Town on his cutting-edge Jet Cook Steam Infusion Technology and its unique effects on hydrocolloids, fats and salts.

He has also been working with the Nagrecha Charitable Trust which funds development, social and medical projects in India, Uganda, Kenya and other African countries. He has donated cooking equipment and utensils to help improve the cooking capabilities in these third world countries.