Since the launch of the Optima at ANUGA   – BCH have successfully supplied the machine to a number of food producers who have recognised the versatility of the all-in-one processing vessel.   Customers have found that the wide range of processing options as well as product types that can be produced at speed using only one vessel gives them huge capabilities.

We are often approached with customers individual requirements and challenges, and we have been able to adapt the original model to incorporate these and deliver a bespoke solution – another good reason to choose BCH.

BCH recently introduced a powder-vacuum loading solution for one of our UK clients. When combined with the Optima’s other high performance capabilities an overall reduction in processing times of nominally 75% were achieved.

The Optima is ideal for the manufacture of a countless variety of food products including confectionery, convenience foods and spreads – the list of current and future possibilities is as endless and diverse as our customers’ imagination.

More than simply a mixing vessel – The BCH Optima is a batch process machine which can be relied upon to perform an impressive range of process steps:

jacket heating • jacket cooling • pressure cooking • pressure discharge • vacuum cooking • vacuum chill • vacuum loading

steam infusion • concentrating • cutting • emulsifying • blending • dispersion • dissolving • evaporation

powder wetting • pasteurisation • auto-dosing • water metering • bowl tipping • liquid drain valve • pump discharge • recipe management

The Optima provides customers with the freedom to become independently creative with their own unique process and product.

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Photo by Nicholas Barbaros on Unsplash
Photo by Nicholas Barbaros on Unsplash