Our History

The history of BCH starts in 1835 with three Victorian entrepreneurs a brassfounder, a one-time gold prospector and a confectioner.

Luke Collier, William Brierley and Thomas Hartley started their businesses in 1835, 1844 and 1870 respectively.

William Brierley purchased the business of Luke Collier (in conjunction with Mr Thomas Holt JP of Castleton) in 1913. In 1924 these two businesses amalgamated their interests with Thomas Hartley & Son to form Brierley, Collier & Hartley (BCH).

During the past 160 years, BCH and their founding companies have probably filed more patents for confectionery and jam-making machines than any other company. They became pioneers, growing the business by designing innovative confectionery equipment, specialist fabrications for nuclear industry and providing turnkey plants to food producers in-line with the new trends for convenience foods.

Today, BCH has a worldwide reputation in process engineering, offering advanced turnkey solutions to the food and confectionery industries. Continuous investment in people, plant and buildings has assured a successful future for the Company.

“I am highly delighted with your patent steam boiling pans, and am only waiting for space to fit up two more” Walter Powe, Swansea – May 21st 1891

In 1968 a breakthrough in the design of equipment for the production of liquorice products resulted in the BCH final moisture system. This original design was for batch processing which was later developed into a continuous production system, thus reducing labour and handling requirements.

Further expansion to the range incorporated co-extrusion technology which allows the combination of liquorice and sugar paste products. By modifying the recipe and process further it is possible to incorporate fruit juices or purees to allow for the production of a more natural product.