BCH’s uniquely designed Viscotator offers maximum process versatility with the ability to continuously cook or cool both viscous or particulate food products on the scraped surface heat exchanger.

Due to its superior heat transfer performance and the ability to hand a wide range of viscosities, the system can be employed in the continuous processing of any pumpable fluids or slurries.   These include soups, sauces, custards, pet foods, spreads, caramels and liquorice. Different rotor options give manufacturers the flexibility to minimise the shear for foods containing particulates.

Cooling is also possible due to the spiral flow water jacket and direct expansion refrigeration jacket.  The jacket options are designed to maximise cooling/heating medium flow efficiency.


  • Power and speed selected to match product and process
  • Simple and safe rotor extraction with protective cartridge type mechanical seal
  • High thermal efficacy
  • Self-draining vertical or horizontal heat exchange tube mounting
  • All stainless steel design


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