Our latest continuous system can run non-stop for extended periods without cleaning. This new system has split the Maillard reaction into two sections, allowing independent control of moisture content and colour/flavour development.

Our famous ‘Low Type’ Cookers have long been regarded as the industry standard for batch production, many of our customers citing that truly high-quality products can only be made on this machine.

Another BCH development is the extrusion of caramel for continuous biscuit lines. This highly accurate depositing method can be linked to our continuous caramel production system for a complete process solution. BCH also offers caramel enrobers, cooling tunnels and guillotines as part of our complete caramel portfolio.

Caramel Cooking

Caramel Batch Cooker

The BCH Batch Caramel Cooker is manufactured from hygienic stainless steel and is available in batch sizes from 50 to 250kg with an option features of:

  • Stationary caramel cooker with bottom outlet valve or tipping bowl ‘low type mixer’ design.
  • Two speed agitator
  • Contra rotating agitator
  • Hinged scraper blades
  • Copper or stainless steel heat exchange surface
  • Vacuum evaporation and cooling

Continuous Caramel Production Plant

The BCH caramel production plant is designed to produce caramel at varying rates to match process type and speed. Ingredients are mixed and held in a buffer from where it is pumped at a continuous rate through a Viscotator Cooker. On exit from the Viscotator the caramel mix flows through a series of browning tubes of selectable residence time to achieve the desired colour. It then passes through a back pressure valve into a MaxiVap evaporator to achieve required solid content. Vacuum evaporation is used to control discharge temperature. The caramel is then pumped to the production lines or to further temperature control equipment as required.

Ultra Coater Enrober

The BCH UltraCoater Enrober is designed for the full and half coating of biscuits, wafers, fudge with caramel, jams, fondants and cremes. It is fabricated in stainless steel and designed to handle water based coatings that require regular and easy cleaning. Viscosity can be carefully controlled via temperature and humidity controls.

Caramel / Fudge / Nougat Extrusion

For the manufacture of bars, we offer the extrusion technology with special flow dividing head. This extrusion system can produce up to 36 uniform ropes of fudge or caramel which can then be cut to length as small toffee pieces, fingers or as part of a multi-layered bar product. The facility removes the necessity of the messy slitting operation required on slab forming lines.



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