BCH has developed a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality process systems for the confectionery industries. From liquorice to caramel, we are confident that our machines can answer to your business demands. 

Liquorice & Starch Gels

Liquorice can take many forms, the aromatic aniseed flavour of traditional black liquorice, the sweet fruit flavour of red liquorice and the tangy sweet and sour flavour of multi colour liquorice.

Sugar Paste

Sugar Paste is a fine powdered sugar mixed with a binding syrup. It is used in extruded liquorice and starch gels as an internal filling or external coating for added flavour. 


Caramel is a confectionery product made from heating sugar to the point of caramelisation. BCH is a specialist provider of both batch and continuous methods for caramel production, which minimise ‘burn on.’ 

Extruded Fruit

BCH has developed a new 100% fruit cooking and extrusion system for the manufacture of healthy snack products. These can be extruded in many forms including bars, wheels and slices. 

Jellies, Syrups & Sugar Boiling

BCH systems can be used to produce a wide range of syrup, the key ingredient used with depositors to create jelly confectionery products, also known as gummies. As well as low and high-boiled sugar products, also referred to as hard sweets or candy.


Mainly used in the production of cake, fondant is made from sugar, gelatine, water and glycerol. A range of process options can be utilised including mixing, cooking, cooling, blending and homogenising for producing fondant. 

Medicated Confectionery

BCH systems can produce a wide range of syrup which can be used in products for the pharmaceutical industry such as medicated lozenges, CBD jellies and boiled sweets.