Pie Fillings

Bratt Pans

BCH Bratt Pans offer a simple entry level steam jacketed cooker, suitable for artisan and craft producers. This quick, hot cooking method seals in the flavours of the foods, as well as preserving their colour and texture.

Orbiter Kettle

For the next stage up, BCH offer the Orbiter range of kettles which are  ideal for small-scale manufacturers and have been designed specifically for the manufacture of delicious pies, tarts, flans and quiches.

A robust and sturdy construction enables these kettles to meet the varied performance requirements of today’s busy food service kitchen environment. These highly versatile kettles are jacketed for use on either steam or thermal oil and are provided with a simple, operator friendly control interface.

This Tilting Kettle can easily be used in conjunction with clients existing blast chill cooling systems or other BCH cooling solutions if required.

Pressure Cooking combined with Vacuum Cooling is ideal for large batches and long production runs.   The system is designed with products such as pie fillings, ragus, stews, curries and ‘long-cook’ vegetables in mind. Typically, a four-hour cook can be completed in 75 minutes, coupled with vacuum cooling in typically 45 minutes which gives huge savings in time, cost, labour and energy.  The system enables both cooking and cooling processes to be carried out simultaneously, offering semi-continuous production.


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