The BCH RotaChill Pouch Cooling system is a high efficiency, rotary tumble chilling unit designed for use with freshly cooked products which have been deposited into pre-packed pouches or bags.


It is ideal for products requiring an extended shelf life within the manufacturing process, for example sauces, soups, casseroles, fillings, desserts, ethnic meals and toppings.

The RotaChill is available as a turnkey package in 500, 750 or 1000 kilo configurations.

Pump-Fill Station

The BCH Pump-Fill Station is a mobile pneumatically operated volumetric filler suitable for filling plastic casings with hot sauce for use with tumble chilling systems.

Capable of emptying the contents of a 1000kg kettle within approximately 15 to 20 minutes, the Pump Fill Station is fast and accurate.

The filling volume is easily controlled by manually adjusting the hand wheel with indicators for accurate and consistent filling volumes.

A pneumatic clipping head seals the bags, whilst a cutter blade simultaneously and automatically trims the bag opening.

The machine features a stainless-steel rotary actuated product valve, which operates in   conjunction with a 30mm plunger cut off valve.

The unit is supplied with an adjustable working height handling table, along with an optional footswitch.

Technical Specifications

• Incorporates a bag filling and clipping system
• Ease of operation
• Hygienic design
• Factory tested
• Robust stainless-steel construction
• Remote water chiller system and controls included
• Self-contained pre-wired controls
• Pre-piped internal cooking system
• Automatic coolant recovery storage
• Energy efficient with cost saving benefits


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