Orbiter Kettle

BCH’s Orbiter range was designed for start-up food producers, as well as industrial manufacturers who require a kettle for smaller batch sizes.

Sauce Cooking Kettle

A robust and sturdy construction enables these kettles to meet the varied performance requirements of today’s busy food service kitchen environment.

These highly versatile kettles are jacketed for use on either steam or thermal oil and are provided with a simple, operator friendly control interface.  An electrically heated version is also now available.

The kettles come in four standard sizes, (100/200/300/400 litres) and are ideal for the production of a wide range of products including soups and sauces.

Technical Specifications 

  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Control interface with:

Programmable temperature controller

Agitator controls with variable speed options.

  • Hygienic design
  • Pressure jacket suitable for operating at up to 6 bar steam pressure enabling a fast and energy efficient heat up time.
  • Insulated steam jacket, providing operator protection and improved thermal efficiency.
  • Electrically operated on/off jacket service control valves enable automatic control of the jacket heating process.
  • Stainless steel variable speed agitator with horizontal lift and fold action, fitted with food grade scrapers.
  • Fully hinged, spring loaded safety interlocked lid fitted with viewing cover.
  • Hand-wheel operated tilting mechanism.
  • Integrated pouring lip.
  • Emergency stop and local mains isolation.
  • Kettle meets CE regulations.
  • Wiring and circuit design to UK standards
  • Jacket design meets European pressure vessel regulations (PED).


  • 60mm diameter liquid drain off point, fitted with flow control valve and manual control lever.
  • Automatic water addition via a flow meter and automatic valve
  • Lift out sieve plate – fitted to kettle spout, ideal for draining cooked vegetables before discharge.
  • Recipe Management System (RMS)
  • An optional Thermal Pack (oil heated) can be provided where no steam is available.
  • ASME steam jacket option.


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