Food Processing

BCH can provide a range of flexible solutions from a simple stand-alone cooking kettle designed to integrate with an existing line, right up to a fully integrated cooking and cooling system feeding directly to an automated depositing line.

Cooking Kettles

Our range of kettles have been designed to meet the stringent quality assurance and hygiene requirements of the food manufacturing industry. They cover a wide variety of cooking, mixing and blending applications across a whole range of products for the food, confectionery and pharmaceutical industries.

Vacuum Cookers

With a stainless steel construction throughout, our versatile batch vacuum cooker is suitable for a wide range of applications including stocks, chutneys and concentrations. 

Orbiter Kettle

With a robust and sturdy construction, BCH’s orbiter range was designed for start-up food producers, as well as industrial manufacturers who require a kettle for smaller batch sizes. 

Bratt Pans

Sometimes referred to as ‘pan frying’, ‘stir frying’ or ‘sautéing.’ The term ‘bratting’ is usually associated with the rapid sealing or searing of meat and vegetables. 

Optima Processing System

More than simply a mixing vessel, the BCH optima is the ultimate all in one system with more processing options than ever before. The Optima provides customers with the freedom to create their own unique process. 

RotaChill (Pouch Cooling)

The BCH RotaChill pouch cooling system is a high efficiency rotary tumble chilling unit designed for use with freshly cooked products which have been deposited into pre packed pouches or bags. 

Vacuum Cooling

BCH vacuum cooling system ensures a complete high performance system, providing the fastest and most effective means of heat removal from a batch process without the need for an expensive refrigeration unit. 

CIP Systems

Built to recognised industry codes of practice, our Clean in place systems for the food industry are tailored specifically for your needs. 

Ingredient Dosing and Handling

The BCH pump-fill station is a mobile pneumatically operated volumetric filler suitable for filling plastic casings with hot sauce for use with tumble chilling systems. 

Vacuum Evaporator

This versatile small batch vacuum cooker is suitable for a wide variety of high quality confectionery products such as soft toffee syrups, fondant and icing sauces.