Vacuum Cooling

BCH Vacuum Cooling System ensures a complete high performance system, providing the fastest and most effective means of heat removal from a batch process.

BCH’s vacuum cooling solutions can typically cool products from 90°C down to 5°C within 45 minutes, without the need for expensive refrigeration used on scrape surface, pouch cooling and the traditional blast chilling rooms.

A vacuum cooling system operates at around 30% of the cost of comparable refrigeration systems. The vacuum system can be supplied with a seal water recovery system, thus reducing operating costs further.

The speed of cooling in a sealed environment offers excellent food safety attributes and swift passage through the temperature danger zone.

The combination of BCH Cooking and Vacuum Cooling into one complete system means you can guarantee foods are cooked and cooled rapidly with repeatability and food safety whilst benefitting from a smaller footprint with reduced labour and energy costs.

Technical Specifications

• Incorporates a bag filling and clipping system
• Ease of operation
• Hygienic design
• Factory tested
• Robust stainless-steel construction
• Remote water chiller system and controls included
• Self-contained pre-wired controls
• Pre-piped internal cooking system
• Automatic coolant recovery storage
• Energy efficient with cost saving benefits

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