Jellies, Syrups & Sugar Boiling

BCH systems can be used for a wide range of syrup as well as low and high-boiled sugar products.

The equipment can produce syrups which are used in a variety of products ranging from light toppings and coatings, to binders, as well as high temperature caramelised syrup flavours.

For high or low boiled sugars used in toffee and boiled sweets we can supply bespoke systems to pre-mix ingredients cook and hold.

The range of equipment includes Atmospheric sugar dissolving systems, Steam Jacketed Kettles, Small Scale Confectionery Kitchen and the Batch Vacuum Cooker.

Ideal for products such as cereal coatings, caramel and chew pre-mix, boiled sweets and caramel flavouring for alcoholic beverages, for example, rum.