Rice & Vegetables

Bratt Pans – Our versatile bratt pans give food producers a wide choice of cooking methods for rice and vegetable products. Whether you want to stir-fry or use the total absorption method of cooking rice, we can advise on the right solution for your products.

The term ‘Bratting’ is usually associated with the rapid sealing or searing of meat and vegetables. It is often also referred to as pan frying, stir frying or sautéing. This quick, hot cooking method seals in the flavours of the foods, as well as preserving their colour and texture.

BCH’s Bratt Pans can be utilised for a wide range of cooking functions including shallow or stir frying, braising, boiling, steaming, poaching or stewing.  This versatile pan is also used extensively in the ethnic ready meals industry for cooking basmati and pilau rice using the total absorption cooking methods, and to produce curry sauces.

Vacuum Cook/Cool – Another option for cooking and cooling rice is The BCH Vacuum Cook Cool System, which offers an extremely rapid and efficient method of batch cooling, providing an improved shelf life and maximising the customer’s energy-savings.

This system enables rice with vegetable or protein inclusions to be produced including egg fried, savoury or special fried rice.  Can also be used for small batches of vegetables or pasta products.