Process Automation & Software

BCH use the latest PLC and SCADA Software Systems to provide the very latest automated systems.

BCH’s process control and automation department contains a comprehensive skill set necessary for the conception, programming, construction, installation, initiation, and maintenance of an extensive array of process control systems. These systems provide optimum performance through data, batch reporting, traceability, monitoring, collection and integration with higher level database and office solutions.

Whether you require a simple panel or a complete process plant with bespoke PLC Control, SCADA and report package, we can deliver the perfect solution.

 In house system design from basic concept

With expertise spanning multiple industries, BCH's automation engineers can craft ideal solutions tailored to diverse process demands, incorporating your preferred equipment manufacturers. Collaborating closely with our customers, our electrical and software engineers ensure the creation of an efficient, resilient, and user-friendly system. 

Software design

Benefiting from a wealth of experience spanning a broad spectrum of PLC and SCADA manufacturers, our software engineers excel in areas such as recipe control, reporting, trending, and seamless database connectivity, essential for achieving comprehensive plant-wide integration. We specialise in tailoring bespoke solutions to any process requirements, all backed up by our multi-disciplined electrical department.

On site installation commissioning and training

To complement our automation department we can fully install our equipment on site to customer specifications. Once installed the equipment can be commissioned by our highly skilled staff and a structured training programme can be implemented if required. All our installation and commissioning engineers hold site safety passports and are fully conversant with all our current legislation.


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