Confectionery Processing

BCH have been perfecting their confectionery processing systems since 1835 when they first came to the market. Suitable for a wide range of confectionery products from liquorice to syrup our machinery can assist.

Kitchen & Premix Systems

Used for pre-mixes for a wide variety of our process systems including liquorice, starch gels, jam, extruded fruit, fondant and caramel. 

Extrusion & Forming

BCH’s food and confectionery extruders are manufactured in stainless steel to a hygienic and robust design. Primarily designed to handle liquorice, starch gels, fruit twists and sugar pastes, these extruders can also handle viscous food pastes and gels. 

Continuous Fruit Cooking & Extrusion Systems

In response to customer demands for healthier snack products, BCH has developed a new 100% fruit cooking and extrusion system.

Colour and Flavour Dosing

BCH provide colour and flavour dosing stations which can supply up to six independent colours and flavours to the line for adding more options to a product range. 

Coating Pans

BCH has seen many improvements to the design of this type of pan over the years making it more adaptable, efficient and easier to use than ever in the coating of hard candy. 


BCH offer standard, automatic, high speed and ultrasonic cut guillotines to maximise the flexibility of any production line. They are user friendly, easy to clean and competitively priced. 

Drop Rollers

Ideal for products such as caramel, fudge, nougat and pastes. The BCH Drop Roller range is available in a variety of sizes and can be hand operated or motor driven. 

Glazing & Sanding

BCH offer equipment for the glazing/oiling of traditional liquorice products and the sugar/sour (Pica Pica) coating of fruit flavoured liquorice products. 

Cooling Tunnels & Conveyors

Originally designed for the specialist high temperature and rapid cooling requirements of extruded liquorice confections, BCH has launched a modular range of conveyors and tunnels for the efficient transport, cooling and conditioning of food products.


BCH’s uniquely designed viscotator offers maximum process versatility with the ability to continuously cook or cool both viscous or particulate food products on the scraped surface heat exchanger.

Vacuum Evaporator

This versatile small batch vacuum cooker is suitable for a wide variety of high-quality confectionery products such as soft toffee syrups, fondant and icing sauces.

Slab Formers

Ideal for products such as caramel, fudge, nougat and pastes, the BCH slab formers are highly efficient and feature quick remove scrapers for easy cleaning.