Liquorice & Starch Gels

BCH were there at the very beginning when this unique product began to be mass produced in the early part of the 19th century, and we are still the name behind most of the worlds well-known brands.

Liquorice can take many forms, the aromatic aniseed flavour of traditional black liquorice, the sweet fruity flavour of red liquorice, and the tangy sweet and sour flavour of multi-colour liquorice.

Today’s production lines incorporate the latest technological developments from concept and design through to final manufacture and installation.

Liquorice & Starch Gel Process Systems – Flexible confectionery is manufactured from wheat flour, starch, sugar, molasses, glucose syrups, fruit purees and flavourings that are blended together to make a slurry. The slurry produced is cooked until the starch particles swell and transforms into a gel. The liquorice can then be extruded into various shapes through a wide range of die profiles.

BCH continue to provide systems for the production of liquorice, using either a batch or continuous process depending on each client’s unique requirements.

Traditional Batch Liquorice