Liquorice & Starch Gels

BCH were there at the very beginning when this unique product began to be mass produced in the early part of the 19th century, and we are still the name behind most of the worlds well-known brands.

The world of liquorice offers a diverse range of flavors and forms, each catering to distinct preferences. Traditional black liquorice boasts an aromatic aniseed essence that evokes a sense of nostalgia, while red liquorice appeals with its delightful fruity sweetness. Adding to this assortment, multi-color liquorice tantalizes the taste buds with its intriguing blend of tangy, sweet, and sour flavours.

In the realm of production, the present day witnesses the integration of cutting-edge technological advancements that prioritise efficiency, hygiene, electronic control, and contemporary design. The process of crafting liquorice involves a careful fusion of ingredients like wheat flour, starch, sugar, molasses, glucose syrups, fruit purees, and flavourings. This combination creates a slurry that undergoes cooking, leading to the expansion of starch particles and the transformation into a cohesive paste-like substance. Subsequently, this liquorice paste is skillfully extruded into an array of shapes using an extensive assortment of die profiles, allowing for remarkable creativity in design.

BCH, an industry leader, remains at the forefront of providing systems tailored for liquorice production. This includes the flexibility to adopt either a batch or continuous processing approach in line with consumer demand. As the world of liquorice evolves, BCH’s commitment to facilitating its production endures, ensuring a seamless fusion of tradition, innovation, and consumer satisfaction.

Liquorice & Starch Gel Process Systems

Batch Liquorice Cooking

For over a century and a half, since their establishment in 1835, BCH has been a dependable provider of top-tier equipment catering to the confectionery industry. The legacy endures as BCH remains committed to delivering unparalleled solutions to clients across the globe. This commitment is marked by an ongoing process of adaptation and innovation, strategically aligned with the surging popularity of the artisanal liquorice market.

BCH’s comprehensive offerings include both batch and final moisture liquorice cooking solutions, showcasing their versatility in addressing various production needs. The process begins with the preparation of a liquorice slurry containing approximately 30-35% water content. This crucial step occurs within a carefully designed BCH liquorice slurry mixing vessel, ensuring the precise formulation of the raw material before its onward journey.

The heart of the operation lies within the Batch Cooker, a robust stainless steel mixing vessel enveloped by a steam jacket. Ingeniously mounted on load cells, this cooker is engineered to accurately measure input and output weights, thus establishing a control mechanism. This precise control is pivotal in regulating the moisture content of the liquorice cooked paste, a critical factor that directly influences the final product’s consistency and quality.

In essence, BCH’s legacy of excellence persists through the years, manifesting in their ability to seamlessly merge time-tested techniques with contemporary innovations. By providing tailored solutions and orchestrating a harmonious interplay of engineering and culinary artistry, BCH reaffirms its position as a true pioneer in the dynamic world of confectionery equipment.



  • Large steam jacketed surface area for the fast moisture evaporation with automatic temperature control system.
  • Heavy duty agitation system complete with close fitting scraper design ensuring
  • Even product dispersion
  • Fully gelatinised paste
  • Clean jacket surface
  • Stainless steel load cells ensuring the desired moisture content of approximately 18% has been achieved before the transfer to the liquorice refiner or extruder.
  • Large diameter outlet vale to enable the thickened paste to transfer to the downstream BCH extruder.
  • Ingredients manifolds and valving to accommodate automatic addition of all liquid and dry ingredients.


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