Coating Pans

BCH has seen many improvements to the design of this type of pan over the years making it more adaptable, efficient and easier to use than ever.

BCH manufacture traditional style pans for the coating of hard candy with either chocolate or sugar, of the candies requiring a high acidity coating.

They are a tilting design with a motorised rotating mechanism. The pans can be manufactured in capacities up to 500kg, and come in either a standard or tulip shape

Ultra Coater

The BCH ‘Ultra Coater’ Enrober is used for the full and half coating of confectionery with caramel, jams, fats, jellies, fondants and crèmes.

Fabricated in stainless steel, the ‘Ultra Coater’ is designed to handle water-based coating that requires regular and easy cleaning.  Viscosity can be carefully controlled via temperature and humidity controls.

Coating pans can also be fitted with spray manifolds for the application of this coating such as oils, liquid fats and glazes.

Products suitable for enrobing include biscuits, cakes, wafers, fudge and other confectionery.


  • Full or half coating option
  • Multi-layered extrusion onto biscuit bases
  • Rice crispy coating and recovery equipment
  • CIP built-in
  • Humidity and temperature control


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