Specialised Fabrication

BCH excel in the design and manufacture of highly specialised fabrication, pressure vessels and pipework for the nuclear, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other allied industries.


BCH manufactures a range of equipment for the pharmaceutical and toiletries industries from single purpose built items of equipment to full turnkey systems.

  • Small laboratory vessels to large scale production plants
  • Custom designed for operation under atmospheric pressure or vacuum conditions
  • Glove boxes or isolation contaminants for handling highly toxic pharmaceutical production
  • ‘Calmix’ scraped surface mixer for the mixing of creams, lotions and pastes
  • High shear and turbine-type mixers for mixing and blending of creams with a variety of agitators
  • Agitated mixer for optical cleansing solutions
  • Coaters in either stainless steel or copper for the coating of tablets
  • Our equipment is manufactured from hygienic stainless steel with a high quality finish to meet the required pharmaceutical standards
  • All of our systems are PLC controlled, guaranteeing optimum performance, as well as data, batch reporting, traceability and plant monitoring


BCH has had a specialist manufacturing division for over 40 years.

The team design and manufacture bespoke high integrity fabrications, pressure vessels and piping solutions for the uranium enrichment, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other allied industries.

Pressure vessels are constructed to BS 5500, ASME VIII and other standards. All NDE tested.


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