Lakrids by Bülow continues global expansion plans for liquorice lines

We love hearing how valued customer, Johan Bülow started out, and how he is now on a mission to make the world love liquorice with his premium brand Lakrids. We are delighted to have been part of his story from the very start, as he describes in this snippet from Confectionery Production Magazine:

British connection
When the company moved to its dedicated manufacturing facilities, a critical component was the equipment itself – which Johan recalls came courtesy of British firm BCH (below). The Lancashire business supplied him with an extruder machine, which to this day, stands as its sole piece of kit churning out a notable volume of liquorice.

“I can remember it just started with an email I sent them asking if they could help. So, I just got on a plane to Manchester to see them – I am sure they just looked at me and thought ‘what is this boy from Denmark trying to do,” but after some initial trial work, the company obliged with a line which is still fully operational.

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

All of us here at BCH are deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. A true role model for hard work, dignity and dedication We thank you for your many years of service – rest in peace.

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BCH continues to support local charities

On Friday 2nd of September, BCH entered 2 teams in the GRC Engineering Charity Golf Day, held at Burnley Golf Club.

The day raised a considerable amount in support of Burnley FC in the community charity.

Our team of Steve and Bradley Slater, Derek Whitehead and Brendan Kennedy won the overall team event.

Derek Whitehead also won the nearest the pin competition with a fantastic shot.

The evening ended with a presentation, raffle and auction all in support of this well-deserved charity.

Thank you to GRC Engineering for the invitation and organising this local event and Burnley Golf Club for their brilliant hospitality.


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BCH Bratt Pans

Artisan Food made easy with BCH Cooking Solutions

High quality artisan meals and desserts have grown in popularity in recent years, due to the convenience factor and improved taste and nutrition. During the lockdown many turned to meal and restaurant delivery services as supermarket shopping became more challenging, and ingredients were in short supply.

Consumers turned to quality online prepared food providers, restaurants diversified, and local premium farm shops started supplying delicious meals such as shepherd’s pie, lasagne, curries and desserts made with top quality ingredients.

BCH cooking systems are a great choice for these artisan manufacturers and restaurants, producing delicious soups, sauces and fillings with large particulates. Equally, steak, chicken and vegetables can be seared and cooked to perfection, whilst maintaining their nutritional value.

Bratt Pans

BCH Bratt Pans offer a simple entry level steam jacketed solution, suitable for artisan and craft producers.  This versatile cooking method seals in the flavours of the foods, as well as preserving their colour and texture.  A wide range of cooking functions are possible including shallow or stir frying, braising, boiling, steaming, poaching or stewing.

Basmati and pilau rice are cooked using the total absorption cooking method, and curry sauces and samosa fillings can be cooked using searing/frying functions.

The Bratt Pan comprises of a flat base, rectangular-shaped design with a heating jacket on the underside for heating the product.  Liquid draw-off valves are provided front and rear, and the machine can be supplied with hinged covers to retain heat and minimise steam emission.

A hydraulically operated tipping mechanism is used to empty the pan. Heating is achieved using either a high-pressure steam supply, or thermal oil media.

Two standard sizes are available:

100 litre working volume (200L brim capacity)

200 litre working volume (400L brim capacity)

Orbiter Kettles

For a more automated solution, BCH offer the Orbiter range of kettles which again is ideal for small-scale manufacturers, and has been designed specifically for the manufacture of delicious artisan soups, sauces, sweet and savoury fillings and the processing of vegetables and pulses.

A robust and sturdy construction enables these kettles to meet the varied performance requirements of today’s busy food service kitchen environment.   These highly versatile kettles are jacketed for use on either steam or thermal oil, and an electrically powered version is also now available.

The Orbiter is controlled with a simple, operator friendly control interface.  The HMI interface enables basic, on-screen recipe control, where parameters such as temperature, time and mixing speed can be stored in the PLC memory to ensure complete process control repeatability.

This tilting kettle can easily be used in conjunction with clients existing blast chill cooling systems or other BCH cooling solutions if required.

If you would like to find out more about how you can start producing convenience meals or scale-up your existing production, contact the BCH team at / +44 (0) 1706 85 2122

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BCH continues with its investments in Infrastructure

BCH have recently been investing heavily in our Materials Processing Centre – in particular in the machining section.

As part of a six month programme, we have just recently installed a Mazak VTC 800/30SR 5 Axis Machining Centre, a Mazak 530C 4 Axis Vertical Machining Centre and an XYZ Proturn CNC Lathe.

The initial phase of this project will be completed when take delivery of another state of the art turning machine in September.

This level of investment ensures we continue to deliver high quality precision components to our food and confectionery customers worldwide on both capital projects and spare parts orders.

Watch this space.

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Best Industrial Cooking Equipment for producing dips, condiments and sauces

During these long sunny summer days, we are all hopefully lighting up the BBQ ,entertaining friends in the garden, and enjoying some delicious food, and what better to accompany your char-grilled burgers and sausages than a range of expertly produced dips, condiments and sauces.

BCH’s range of high-performance industrial cooking systems can be used to produce a variety of delicious condiments such as tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard, horseradish, tartare, salsas and chutneys.

Eco-friendly Hummus / Dip Processing System  

BCH have developed a high-speed system which improves the whole chickpea cooking and cooling process by removing the pre-soak stage, speeding up the cooking process, and introducing a rapid cooling method. Food manufacturers can reduce their labour requirements, whilst saving valuable time and resources such as water and power. Traditionally, the preparation of chickpeas to make Hummus can take over 10 hours, with the need to pre-soak the raw chickpeas before cooking, our systems offer a far more streamlined operation, enabling cooking to be carried out in parallel with cooling, to provide customers with a reliable, semi-continuous, fully integrated production solution. In many cases, it may be possible to reduce production time by up to 10 hours!

Optima Processing System  

 BCH’s universal Optima Processing System is a batch process machine which can be relied upon to perform an extensive range of process steps – all brought together in a single machine. A range of features can be added to your condiment/dip mixing system to enable manufacture of smooth or particulate products using bespoke mixing and homogenising vessels.  .

Example Process Options

Jacket Heating/Jacket Cooling/Pressure Cooking/Vacuum Cooking/Vacuum Chill/Cutting/Emulsifying/Dissolving/Evaporation/Pasteurisation/Powder Wetting.

Preserve Colour and Flavour

The rapid processing ability of Optima greatly enhances the production of fresh and wholesome foods, helping to preserve colour and flavour of the original ingredients.   Suitable for all your food manufacturing requirements, the Optima provides customers with the freedom to become independently creative with their own unique process and product.

Ideal for the manufacture of a countless variety of food products including confectionery, convenience foods and spreads, the list of current and future possibilities is as endless and diverse as our customers’ imagination.

  • confectionery
  • almond paste
  • processed cheese
  • meat paste
  • convenience foods
  • sauces
  • dips
  • spreads
  • ketchup
  • mayonnaise
  • béchamel
  • smoothies
  • hummus
  • pesto
  • fruit fillings
  • compotes
  • relish
  • sweet sauces
  • soups
  • pâtés
  • marinades

    View our Optima brochure for the full list of features and technical details

To find out more about BCH’s condiment, dips and sauce cooking equipment – contact our expert team / 01706 852 122

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Long Service Awards!

It is with great pleasure we issue 2 long service awards this month.

Malcolm Marshall is our electrical panel shop supervisor and has worked for the business for 20 years.

Sam Longstaff is one of our skilled fabrication team and has worked for the business for 15 years.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank both lads for all their hard work and dedication during their time with BCH.

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Australian Agents FPE complete a week of training at BCH

We were pleased to welcome Geoff Nugent from FPE (Food Processing Equipment) to BCH to undertake some training on the comprehensive range of equipment BCH has to offer.

FPE are agents for BCH in Australia and New Zealand and are supporting us on a number of flagship projects due for delivery to Victoria and New South Wales later in the year.

The visit allowed Geoff to meet the project teams working on the live projects, undertake a factory tour to see the equipment in production and discuss new projects.

Most importantly, Geoff got the chance to get up close to the many BCH Process Solutions on offer with some training from the technical team.

A series of trials were performed during Geoff’s stay. Firstly, we produced high quality Hummus from raw chickpeas using our most advanced pressure cooking and vacuum cooling solution, followed by final processing using our Optima Processing Systems.  We also made a speciality Mayonnaise in the Optima using the high-performance blade system.

BCH’s tilting Cook and Vacuum Cooling system was put through its paces to produce pasta and the popular absorption cooked Pilau Rice.   The final day consisted of producing delicious Steak Pie Filling on BCH’s fast and energy efficient Pressure Cook and Vacuum Cooling solution.

We now look forward to an even stronger working relationship and wish Geoff a safe trip back to Australia.

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Anuga Foodtec

Food processing innovations at Anuga Foodtec

Anuga Foodtec in Cologne opened its door today, and our experienced team will be on hand all week to discuss food processing solutions with their customers.

Visit us in Hall 10.1 Stand G060 where we have lots on show including:

Cooking & Vacuum Cooling System:

The combination of BCH Cooking and Vacuum Cooling into one complete system means you can guarantee foods are cooked and cooled rapidly with repeatability and food safety whilst benefitting from a smaller footprint with reduced labour and energy costs.

The Optima – more than simply a mixing vessel – the ultimate all-in-one system with more processing options than ever before. Suitable for all your food manufacturing requirements, the Optima provides customers with the freedom to become independently creative with their unique process and product.

Bratt Pan:

BCH’s bratt pans can be utilised for a wide range of cooking functions including shallow or stir frying, braising, boiling, steaming, poaching or stewing. This versatile pan is also used extensively in the ethnic ready meals industry for cooking basmati and pilau rice using the total absorption cooking methods, and also for the production of curry sauces.

BCH can help with all your food processing queries, whether its soups and sauces, rice and pasta and of course confectionery!  We look forward to seeing you on the stand.

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Its British Pie Week 2022!

This week we celebrate one of our favourite national celebrations – British Pie Week 7th – 13th March.

Its now in its 15th year and BCH continue to be at the forefront of providing the worlds manufacturers of sweet and savoury fillings with bespoke high specification solutions to suit palates all over the world.

We are currently building a 2000kg pressure & atmospheric cooking and vacuum cooling system for one of our highly respected clients in Australia, where this latest technology will deliver the highest quality products along with the most energy efficient operating costs on the market.

What’s your favourite?

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