Jam & Preserves

The BCH process helps to retain more of the natural flavour and colour as well as the whole fruit content.

The production process from pre-mixing and heating of ingredients to the final manufacture of jams prior to filling.

Jam Cooking

Pre Mix Vessel

The load cell mounted, pre-mix weigh vessel is automatically charged with water, sugar, glucose syrup and pectin.  Whole fruit is pre-weighed into mobile containers and added to the vessel via a bin tipper.

Steam is applied to the jacket raising the temperature to approximately 80◦C to 85◦C to ensure the granulated sugar is fully dissolved, and the ingredients are thoroughly blended by the horizontal scraped surface agitator.

Vacuum Evaporator

After pre-mixing and heating, the ingredients are transferred on demand from the pre-mix by vacuum into the cooker.

Evaporation takes place under controlled vacuum conditions to ensure the desired level of sugar concentration is achieved.  An automatic refractometer determines the end point sugar solids before transfer.  After completion of the batch transfer is carried out by pressurising the cooker to the holding/post vessel.

Post Vessel

Following transfer from the cooker, the finished jam is maintained at pasteurisation temperature prior to gravitating on demand to the filling line. At this stage, various stabilisers and additives are automatically added to the finished product at the post vessel stage when the recipe demands.


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