Why BCH Sets the Standard for Confectionery Process Systems

18 January 2024

Author: Stuart Grogan

In preparation for ProSweets, Cologne 2024, BCH continues to prove its earned status as leading manufacturers for confectionery process systems. In this blog we look at the strengths that establish BCH as the first choice for confectionery manufacturers. 

Decades of Industry Leadership

BCH has a long-standing history in the confectionery industry, dating back to its beginnings in 1835. Even the original designs and concepts can still be seen in today’s equipment. 

Alongside these concepts is the team’s extensive experience reflected in every project completed. Our sales engineers deliver optimal solutions to address customers’ specific challenges.  

The deep understanding BCH has in both historical practices and current technological advancements means there are unlimited sources of knowledge and skills to engineer some of the best process systems used in the confectionery world. 

Innovation Centre: Technological Advancement in One Place


Our Innovation Centre is the driving force behind our technological advancements. Since opening in 2000, BCH has assisted customers worldwide in meeting the demands of today’s confectionery industry. 

The Centre houses a wide range of equipment, services and facilities, all of which are backed by an in-house team with a wealth of knowledge in process design, food science, engineering and software support. 

This comprehensive knowledge enables all of our clients to develop and introduce new and exciting products. They can test feasibility effectively and up-scale production. This ultimately enables the end product to reach the wider marketplace at a much faster pace.

BCH Bespoke Software

Our bespoke control system represents our commitment to versatile and efficient confectionery processing.  This innovative recipe control system provides flexibility in the creation of a vast range of products whilst providing consistency in the procedure and quality, all with minimal operator intervention.  

The control system facilitates the creation of recipes, running of production parameters, real time monitoring of the plant (including live trends), acknowledgment of alarms and performing manual control of plant equipment for maintenance tasks. 4 different security access levels protect these functions, leading to more control over production decisions. 

Additional options are available including: Factory Data Capture; to provide centralisedmonitoring and data archiving (including trends and alarms) and the Windows® Recipe Management System; to create and archive batch reports.        


Manufactured With Care

The manufacturing process is executed with pride for our equipment. In recent years, we have taken great strides in developing our team and resources to provide us with complete control of our machinery design and manufacturing process. As a result all of our systems are designed and manufactured from our UK site. 

All of our machines are constructed primarily from stainless steel, as standard, ensuring enduring quality that withstands the test of time. This makes a BCH machine not just a purchase but an investment for your business.

Each machine is built with attention to detail, employing precision engineering to guarantee durability, efficiency, and compliance with the highest industry standards. 

Systems Made to Suit You


BCH is dedicated to providing custom bespoke machinery that meet specific client requirements to keep up with trends and evolving confectionery creations. 

We understand that the confectionery industry is fast changing, our machines are designed to adapt accordingly. For instance, our extrusion systems offer upgrade capabilities to allow for different varieties of product shapes in liquorice production. Additionally our other machinery ranges can be used to assist in the production of many popular confections such as caramel and extruded fruit.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the delivered system aligns perfectly with their production objectives and constraints. Our skilled engineers can provide a solution that is perfect for your business needs.

World-Class Solutions Across Continents

BCH are worldwide leaders in food and confectionery process solutions. Our extensive global experience positions us to understand and meet international quality standards and diverse market demands. BCH’s solutions are designed to cater to a worldwide clientele.

BCH has a presence in over 78 countries, with our chosen trusted agents on board to allow us to cater to even more of the confectionery market. This means BCH is behind some of the world’s biggest confection creations. 


Comprehensive Service from Concept to Completion

BCH offers comprehensive services, from consultation, design, manufacturing, installation, all the way through to after-sales support. 

This approach allows for the entire project to be completed in-house, ensuring consistent support throughout, even after the project has been commissioned. This also means each part of the project can be managed effectively, with problems being dealt with immediately without delay. 

A dedicated project manager is assigned to every project, meaning the customer is kept in-the-loop throughout every stage up to completion. 


As the confectionery industry gears up for ProSweets Cologne 2024, we will be on hand to demonstrate our commitment to advancing confectionery processing technologies. We invite visitors to the show to explore our solutions. 

You can find us in Hall 10.1 Stand A035. Email us today info@bchltd.com to book a meeting with our experienced sales team on the stand.

Learn more about how BCH can support your confectionery processing needs. Visit our confectionery page for detailed information on our products and services.