BCH Ltd’s thriving expansion continues into North America

8 September 2023

Author: Tanya Harrison, Marketing Executive

BCH Limited has joined forces with DC Norris North America, marking an expansion by adding further equipment to their portfolio. This exciting development aligns with DC Norris NA’s commitment to deliver top-tier processing solutions, knowledge and machinery to the North American market. The company intends to further diversify their equipment portfolio as they identify additional machinery brands that offer substantial benefits and value in food production.

BCH has gained a global reputation for the creation of cutting-edge industrial food processing systems for renowned food brands by becoming the leading manufacturer in the industry. The Company provides food manufacturers with both the necessary equipment and expertise to offer tailored equipment recommendations for each customer’s unique product and process requirements.

BCH’s unwavering commitment spanning over 180 years drives them to design and manufacture their equipment to the highest standards. They offer a comprehensive in-house service where multiple department teams collaborate seamlessly, from initial enquiries to the final installation phase and after-sales support.

The inclusion of BCH within the DCN NA portfolio will empower them to provide prepared food manufacturers with an even greater array of industry-leading solutions and equipment.

BCH expansion to North America via DCN NA website

The new DC Norris NA website encompasses BCH’s Atmospheric, Pressure, and Vacuum Cooking Systems, alongside an assortment of Process Cooling Systems. Notably, the BCH Vacuum Cooling solution stands out as the fastest, food safe and energy-efficient cooling method available in the market.

The DC Norris NA portfolio now offers various other BCH solutions, including Bratt Pans, the Orbiter line of electrical and steam-heated tilting kettles, CIP Systems and the Optima all-in-one processing solution. Additionally, they will provide confectionery equipment such as confectionery kitchens, batch and continuous vacuum cookers as well as forming systems.


Stuart Grogan, Operation Director at BCH commented,

“The entire team here at BCH are thrilled to be joining the DC Norris North America portfolio of internationally recognised brands. We look forward to supporting both the team and their North American customer base with our extensive process knowledge and range of solutions across the food and confectionery markets.”



This fresh series of BCH’s industrial food processing equipment complements the Company’s existing array of food processing systems, which encompass industrial Sous Vide, Cook Chill, and the DCN Jet Cook™.

Furthermore, DC Norris North America proudly represents Marel in their expansion and its assortment of loading, lifting, and discharging equipment. Within this Marel portfolio, you can find industrial Euro-style buggy lifting equipment and loading solutions tailored for the food processing sector.

All Marel equipment is CE-marked and crafted with a focus on flexibility, top-notch quality and hygienic design. Composed entirely of stainless steel, Marel’s line of lifts and loaders fully adhere to all industry food safety regulations.


Dick Smith, President of DC Norris North America noted, 

“We’re committed to seeking new ways to make our clients’ businesses and manufacturing processes more efficient. By expanding our portfolio, we can offer a greater breadth of expertise whilst also innovating to support an evolving customer base.”



DC Norris NA’s expanded equipment portfolio can be found on their newly designed website www.dcnorrisna.com. Through the website, information about the full range of food processing machinery is available, including instant downloads of brochures and specification sheets. Enquiries can be made through the contact form on the website or by calling (231) 935-1519.

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