Best Industrial Cooking Equipment for producing dips, condiments and sauces

19 August 2022

Author: Dave Tod, Sales Manager

During these long sunny summer days, we are all hopefully lighting up the BBQ ,entertaining friends in the garden, and enjoying some delicious food, and what better to accompany your char-grilled burgers and sausages than a range of expertly produced dips, condiments and sauces.

BCH’s range of high-performance industrial cooking systems can be used to produce a variety of delicious condiments such as tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard, horseradish, tartare, salsas and chutneys.

Eco-friendly Hummus / Dip Processing System  

BCH have developed a high-speed system which improves the whole chickpea cooking and cooling process by removing the pre-soak stage, speeding up the cooking process, and introducing a rapid cooling method. Food manufacturers can reduce their labour requirements, whilst saving valuable time and resources such as water and power. Traditionally, the preparation of chickpeas to make Hummus can take over 10 hours, with the need to pre-soak the raw chickpeas before cooking, our systems offer a far more streamlined operation, enabling cooking to be carried out in parallel with cooling, to provide customers with a reliable, semi-continuous, fully integrated production solution. In many cases, it may be possible to reduce production time by up to 10 hours!

Optima Processing System  

 BCH’s universal Optima Processing System is a batch process machine which can be relied upon to perform an extensive range of process steps – all brought together in a single machine. A range of features can be added to your condiment/dip mixing system to enable manufacture of smooth or particulate products using bespoke mixing and homogenising vessels.  .

Example Process Options

Jacket Heating/Jacket Cooling/Pressure Cooking/Vacuum Cooking/Vacuum Chill/Cutting/Emulsifying/Dissolving/Evaporation/Pasteurisation/Powder Wetting.

Preserve Colour and Flavour

The rapid processing ability of Optima greatly enhances the production of fresh and wholesome foods, helping to preserve colour and flavour of the original ingredients.   Suitable for all your food manufacturing requirements, the Optima provides customers with the freedom to become independently creative with their own unique process and product.

Ideal for the manufacture of a countless variety of food products including confectionery, convenience foods and spreads, the list of current and future possibilities is as endless and diverse as our customers’ imagination.

To find out more about BCH’s condiment, dips and sauce cooking equipment – contact our expert team / 01706 852 122