The BCH Vaccum evaporator - used for syrups, jam and 100% fruit products.

Vacuum Evaporator

The BCH Vacuum Evaporator range can be used for a wide variety of products including syrups, jam and 100% fruit products.

Batch Vacuum Cooker   

This versatile small batch Vacuum Cooker is suitable for a wide variety of high-quality confectionery products such as soft toffee, syrups, fondant and icing sauces.

The unit can be used to cook products such as caramel where the product is controlled to a temperature set point and moisture is removed as the temperature increases.  The caramel is then cooled for safe handling.

Using vacuum, products such as high boiled sweets, jam, compotes, fruit fillings, concentrates and fruit leather can be manufactured.

How the vacuum evaporator works

Vacuum Jam Evaporator

Specifically designed for jam products, the Vacuum Jam Evaporator is fitted with additional heating surface area to enable rapid evaporation of water from the fruit to achieve high solids.

After pre-mixing and heating, jam ingredients are transferred to the vacuum evaporator. Evaporation takes place under controlled vacuum conditions to ensure the desired level of sugar concentration is achieved.  An automatic refractometer determines the end point sugar solids before transfer to the holding/post vessel.

Suitable for larger batch sizes with typical solids output of 60-70◦Bx (sugar solids).


BCH’s new MaxiVap system is a ‘continuous vacuum evaporator’ and is used where very high solids are required e.g. 100% fruit products.

Typical solids output is around 75-85◦Bx (sugar solids).