Leading the Future of Confectionery Production: Innovative Advancements in Forming and Extrusion Machinery by BCH

31 July 2023

Author: Stuart Grogan

With a legacy spanning over 180 years, BCH has established itself as a frontrunner in the manufacture of Forming and Extrusion machinery.

Committed to innovation, we craft confectionery machinery designed for specificity, durability, and sustainability, thereby standing the test of time in Confectionery and Liquorice Processing.

Responding to Dynamic Market Trends in Confectionery and Liquorice Processing

The Confectionery Production sector is a dynamic landscape, evolving faster than ever. To keep pace with this rapid change, BCH offers versatile Forming and Extruding systems, helping manufacturers stay ahead. 6 colour 6 flavour liquorice made from forming and extrusion machines at BCH

A growing trend we are witnessing is the demand for flexible investment in confectionery extrusion lines. Clients aim to gain a competitive edge by diversifying their offerings, from unique products to high-volume staples. As a part of this diversification, an increasing number of manufacturers are venturing into healthier alternatives, replacing traditional ingredients with fruit-based counterparts.

Innovative Developments in Confectionery Processing & Machinery

To cater to these trends, we have honed our Independent Cooking, Extrusion and Forming Equipment, enabling more controlled processing at significantly lower pressures and temperatures. This innovation allows manufacturers the flexibility to handle more sensitive products.

Our latest generation of confectionery extrusion lines can easily switch between products and processes due to their modular and integrated design, perfect for both new projects and future expansions. In 2022, we introduced a 6-colour, 6-flavour extrusion system, significantly expanding the creative palette for our confectionery customers, whilst reducing the operating pressure, resulting in higher throughputs and lower energy consumption. 

The system is fully integrated meaning it can be thoroughly cleaned using our unique Clean In Place technology. 

Sustainability: The New Norm in Forming and Extrusion

With sustainability gaining traction in the industry, we are committed to eco-friendly manufacturing processes that maximise energy efficiency and minimise waste. BCH’s Forming and Extrusion solutions already consume a fraction of the energy compared to other systems, yet we continually strive to reduce this even further.

Our state-of-the-art design and manufacturing processes yield increasingly energy-efficient forming and extrusion lines. Our latest automated systems also now allow for a faster start-up, shut-down and change-over keeping waste to an absolute minimum, it is also possible to re-use start-up and shut-down materials, reducing waste even further. In addition, we collaborate closely with our supply chain to integrate the most energy-efficient components into our systems.

Embracing Cutting-Edge Technology for Confectionery Processing

With the advent of Industry 4.0, we’ve incorporated innovative technologies into our confectionery processing range. Our Extrusion and Forming lines, equipped with IO link technology, enable clients to gather extensive data from their processes. This data-driven approach 
facilitates identification of bottlenecks and process improvements, resulting in maximised efficiency.

BCH offer a remote access connection to machines with optional cloud-based data collection and alarm notifications. IO Link also allows process sensors to be ‘hot-swapped’ which is the direct replacement of sensors without any need for them to be programmed or set-up by maintenance which in turn reduces downtime.

A Real-World Application: Confectionery Processing Revolutionised

Recently, we assisted an overseas client in introducing a new range of multi-colour products for a brand with a rich, 100-year history. The challenge lay in maintaining product colours, flavours, and shape profiles while overhauling the confectionery production process. What started off as a limited-edition product, has now involved the delivery and installation of a second phase of co-extrusion equipment to meet consumer demands.

At BCH, we are committed to perpetual improvement and innovation in our machinery range. We conduct regular research, value customer feedback, and continually strive to create products that are relevant to the industry’s present needs.

Whether it’s Confectionery or Liquorice Processing, BCH’s Forming and Extrusion machinery has consistently served customers globally. Contact us today to learn more.