Extrusion & Co-Extrusion

What is Extrusion?

In a confectionery context, the BCH Extrusion system is the method of forcing a mixed (and often cooked) mass through a die that’s engineered to a desired shape. This profiled shape is then usually cut to a desired length using a BCH guillotine.

Primarily designed to handle liquorice, starch gels, fruit twist and sugar pastes, these extruders can also handle viscous food pastes and gels.
• High Boil Syrups
• Caramels
• Liquorice
• Fudges
• Nougat/Praline
• Gels
• Fat Based Products

Side Flow Extruders

The extruders are manufactured with 75, 130, or 200mm diameter screws to achieve throughputs of between 50-1,500 kg/hr via a side flow die configuration. The side flow dies will extrude over widths from 300-1200mm at right angles to the screw axis. Side flow dies can be designed to extrude sheets, ropes and twisted ropes in solid, hollow or co-extruded form.

The side flow design provides a cost-effective, high output design with good uniformity of product weight across the die width. The uniformity of the product weight is achieved by careful design of the screw across the die mouth; regulating/throttling plates/screws on the dies and for some products, a positive displacement pump on each rope.

The extruders are usually mounted on rails to position the dies over a retracting nose piece on the BCH high-performance cooling tunnels. For die changing and cleaning, the extruders can be wheeled offline.
The main barrel of the extruder is water-jacketed to minimise start-up times, maximise extrusion efficiency and in the case of the twin-screw mixer extruder, provide heat transfer.


Continuous or batch fed extruders

The extruder is fitted with a small vacuum inlet hopper to receive liquorice directly from the continuous cooker (Viscotator). The vacuum hopper enables the extrusion of a cooler, drier and firmer liquorice product. When fitted with a larger feed hopper, batch fed product is possible.

Twin Screw Mixer Extruder

This type of extruder enables the mixing of colours, flavours and acid into a cooked liquorice base. Using this type of extruder, colour and flavour contamination of the premix and cooking equipment is eliminated, enabling rapid colour changes, minimal loss of flavour, minimal sugar inversion and starch gel breakdown. The extruder is fitted with a screw extraction system for the rapid and easy cleaning of the extruder.

Micro-Extrusion Line:

The BCH micro extrusion line for Confectionery is a new user-friendly and cost-effective solution, ideal for start-up companies or mature companies who wish to gain a foothold in this sector without committing to a large financial outlay. For larger manufacturers, it is also suitable for recipe development and marketing sample production.

In addition to its ability to extrude traditional confectionery products, the Micro Extrusion Line has been designed to accommodate the continued move towards more responsible healthy-eating attitudes.

The  line has a 300mm product width for output capacities of up to 150kg/hr of liquorice product and up to 300kg/hr of liquorice and sugar paste co-extrusion.