Australian Agents FPE complete a week of training at BCH

6 June 2022

Author: Dave Tod, Sales Manager

We were pleased to welcome Geoff Nugent from FPE (Food Processing Equipment) to BCH to undertake some training on the comprehensive range of equipment BCH has to offer.

FPE are agents for BCH in Australia and New Zealand and are supporting us on a number of flagship projects due for delivery to Victoria and New South Wales later in the year.

The visit allowed Geoff to meet the project teams working on the live projects, undertake a factory tour to see the equipment in production and discuss new projects.

Most importantly, Geoff got the chance to get up close to the many BCH Process Solutions on offer with some training from the technical team.

A series of trials were performed during Geoff’s stay. Firstly, we produced high quality Hummus from raw chickpeas using our most advanced pressure cooking and vacuum cooling solution, followed by final processing using our Optima Processing Systems.  We also made a speciality Mayonnaise in the Optima using the high-performance blade system.

BCH’s tilting Cook and Vacuum Cooling system was put through its paces to produce pasta and the popular absorption cooked Pilau Rice.   The final day consisted of producing delicious Steak Pie Filling on BCH’s fast and energy efficient Pressure Cook and Vacuum Cooling solution.

We now look forward to an even stronger working relationship and wish Geoff a safe trip back to Australia.