18 January 2024

Why BCH Sets the Standard for Confectionery Process Systems

In preparation for ProSweets, Cologne 2024, BCH continues to prove its earned status as leading manufacturers for confectionery…

26 October 2023

Exploring the world of caramel cooking machinery

Caramel, is a confectionery product made by heating sugar to the point of caramelisation. Whether in the form…

8 September 2023

BCH Ltd’s thriving expansion continues into North America

31 July 2023

Leading the Future of Confectionery Production: Innovative Advancements in Forming and Extrusion Machinery by BCH

31 May 2023

The Mystery of Jam: Is It a Confection or Food?

Jam is a sweet ‘food’ – which is thick in consistency and made by cooking fruit along with…

BCH, Interpack, stand

12 May 2023

Interpack 2023 – Processing & Packaging Trade Fair

The BCH team wrapped up at Interpack 2023 on Wednesday 10th May, after a 6-year hiatus the show made a…

30 March 2023

The Benefits of Using BCH’s Food Processing Equipment for Making Liquorice and Starch Gels

Liquorice and starch gels are popular confectionery products that require specialised processing equipment to produce high-quality finished products. The ingredients used have unique characteristics that can make them challenging to process, which is why it is essential to use the right equipment for manufacturing them. BCH offer a range of…

22 March 2023

In The Press – The Innovator, Stuart Grogan

BCH logo, comic relief, cupcakes, st. Patrick's day lego man, Guinness

21 March 2023

The Great Comic Relief ‘Cake Off’ 2023

15 March 2023

Introducing our Marketing Team

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