BCH Pie Filling Systems

Want the best Pie Fillings?

As its British Pie Week we thought we would remind everybody that pies aren’t just popular here in the UK and how to achieve the best Pie Fillings!

Consumers as far away as Africa  & Australia are right now enjoying the highest quality savoury and sweet pie fillings around, all manufactured using BCH’s advanced pressure cooking and vacuum cooling systems.

Here are just a few of the benefits gained from our systems to produce those tender melt in the mouth pie fillings…

Pressure cooking is up to 70% faster than the other solutions on the market.

  • As a result, this is the most cost-efficient production method.
  • Cheaper cuts of meat can be used to gain the same quality end product.
  • Likewise, for the vegetarian options ~ pulses, beans & chickpeas are amongst many other types of traditionally ‘long-cook’ vegetable processes benefitting from our technology.
  • Sealed cooking retains moisture and locks in the flavour and nutrients lost using atmospheric and direct steam applications.
  • Vacuum cooling is the fastest, safest and most energy-efficient cooling system on the market.


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BCH celebrate success

BCH Celebrate Success

The BCH team held a party last night to celebrate the success of the year, and to recognise the hard work and dedication of everyone in the Company.

The party was held at The Riverside in Whitworth, where we enjoyed celebratory drinks, delicious food and even a BCH Cake!

We were delighted that Previous owners Tony Coates and his wife Christine joined in the fun, they were instrumental maintaining the long history of BCH, running the Company for many years and building The Innovation And Manufacturing Centres.

We are lucky to have such a great team, with many of the workforce starting as apprentices, learning essential process, engineering and controls/automation skills. Subsequently becoming long-term valuable members of BCH.

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Rotachill Completion for the UK’s largest ready meal manufactures

We have just completed in house testing and despatch of a 80 Litre Low Type Mixing Vessel complete with contra rotating agitator design for a European health supplement provider. The machine comes complete with our remote desktop recipe management and reporting system for full recording of batch history. BCH manufactures a wide range of mixing vessels to suit applications across a broad spectrum of industries.


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